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The easy way to get tested for Covid-19,
and Travel.

An easy testing experience from scheduling to results.

   Now available across Mexico.

Guadalajara & Monterrey
33 8995 2360

99 8800 2157

CDMX & Republic
55 8659 8509

A S   S E E N   O N

Where can I get tested?

Your questions,

Who is eligible?
Must be 18 or Older to schedule tests, and sign consent. Everyone is eligible for test.
What type of tests?
We offer PCR and antigen tests, both of which are used to determine if you carry the COVID-19 virus.
How much does it cost?
Antigen tests are 500MXN, live virus RT-PCR tests are 2,500MXN.

How does
it work?

What kind of tests do you offer?
We offer PCR and antigen tests, both of which are used to determine if you carry the COVID-19 virus.
What are the differences between the two?
PCR tests are genetic tests. These are highly accurate, but can take 24 hours to process.  PCR tests will also pick up an infection earlier in the viral cycle than antigen tests, especially if you are not yet showing symptoms.Antigen tests look for proteins of the virus.  These tests work best when determining if you are infectious right now, and are most accurate among people showing symptoms.  Antigen tests are generally fast (30 minutes) to process.

How do I make my booking?
You can make your booking via our website, by choosing the test center nearest to you.When booking, your details, and that of any family members you are travelling with must be exactly the same as printed in your passport and travel documents.
Can I take my whole family to the booking?
If travelling with your family, you should make a booking for each family member.  This is because COVID entry rules for the USA apply for anyone aged above two years old.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major international credit cards.
For which routes can I get my test?
You can book a test with us whatever your destination.  You can also book a test if not currently flying Volaris, for example if you would like one for your own peace of mind.
When should I make my booking?
You should get tested no more than 72 hours before departure.  This means that if your flight is at Noon on a Thursday, your test should be no earlier than Noon on Monday.
Is the testing process safe?
All our testing partners and labs are accredited by the Mexican authorities, and follow the highest safety standards.
Can I get tested at the airport before I leave?
At the moment, we are offering pre-departure testing, taken in one of our partner clinics and labs.
Can I get my test when I arrive at the destination?
For both the United States and Canada, as well as for most other countries, tests need to be taken before departure with a negative COVID certificate presented both on check-in and on arrival.
I’d like to get a test even though I am flying domestically, is this possible?
Yes, you can book a test with us, whatever your destination.
Do children as well as adults need to be tested?
For the United States, you will need to provide a negative test certificate for any child aged 2+ travelling with you.

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